Redox Therapy Agreement

This is an agreement between Family Time Australia and .

I, understand and agree to the following consents.

I have fully understood what a Redox Signalling Molecule (RSM) is and how it works in the body. I am aware that RSM will not interfere with any medications and are non-toxic. I understand that RSM are not intended to cure, diagnose or treat any conditions. I acknowledge and provide consent to participate in Redox Therapy at Family Time Australia with a Redox Specialist supported by my Family Coordinator. I am able to change or cancel my appointments/orders at any time, however I understand that it clinically recommended that RSM be consumed as per the treatment plan provided by the Redox Specialist for a period of 3 to 6 months.

I understand the delivery of this product is through a network marketing company. I understand that I am only purchasing Redox Signalling Molecules as a customer and I am not an associate of the company. 

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Signed by Family Time Australia
Signed On: July 7, 2020

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