Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a creative process to improving wellbeing by assisting the lowering of anxiety, improving self-esteem, regulating behaviour and advancing social skills. There is no judgment nor focus on skill, hence no mistakes can be made.

This form of therapy allows space for our clients to recognize, express and release feelings they may not otherwise be able to express and therefore allowing their behaviours and emotions to be explored in a supported environment where other therapy alone may not be enough. Creating a platform for the illustration of emotions and feelings allowing a child to translate events in their life and providing them therapeutic solutions within their own realm of understanding is a valuable tool for them to learn.

Social development is also established within Art Therapy sessions through exploring skills such as connection, empathy and communication whilst accepting others’ perceptions and forming relationships and trust.

Cognitive development is also explored during Art Therapy recognising colours and shapes, themes, problem solving, choices, consequences and decision making from visual and expressive communication.


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