Empathetic Psychologist for Kids in Adelaide Puts Children First in Their Psychology Practice

When you seek a child psychologist in Adelaide, it is important to take the time to find someone who will connect with your child and take the time to discuss therapy options with you. Experience has shown that a psychologist for kids in Adelaide …read more .

Types of Child Therapy; Finding Child Therapists in Adelaide

Many children in many different situations can benefit from therapy. There are several types of child therapy in Adelaide; these include occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and more. Here are a few of the services that we provide at …read more .

Talking to Your Children about Children’s Therapy in Adelaide

Usually, when a child begins children’s therapy in Adelaide, it isn’t the child but rather the parents who have made the decision to seek therapy. That means that parents often need to explain to their child that it is time to see a therapist and why …read more .

Find a Kids Therapist in Adelaide; Multiple Therapy Programs Under One Roof at FTA

Kids face many of the same mental health concerns as adults, and like adults may benefit from therapy to help with these issues. Anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and more often find their way into children’s lives, and professional …read more .

Yoga Helps Kids Focus in Adelaide

The practice of yoga goes hand in hand with mindfulness and wellness. Working with children and toddlers at Family Time Australia we’ve developed a yoga program ideally suited to kids’ needs. We focus on enhancing and fine tuning social and motor …read more .

Helping Toddlers in Adelaide reach their full potential with Quality Occupational Therapy for Children

While the word ‘occupation’ means profession or work for many of us adults, the definition of paediatric occupational therapy refers to any meaningful and purposeful activity that a child or toddler participates in during their daily lives. For …read more .

Multi-faceted Programs that make a difference for kids in Adelaide

Raising children in a changing world is a journey that parents love, but sometimes we all feel unsure. Because we understand how important your family is to you, we have developed and offer several trans-disciplinary group programs for kids in Adelaide …read more .

Social Skill Groups in Adelaide Give Children Important Tools

Learning how to not only cope but also thrive in social situations is a skill that children can learn early in life. This valuable life skill will go a long way to helping them grow into well-adjusted adults that can contribute to society in a meaningful …read more .

How Speech Pathology for Kids Helps Children and Toddlers in Adelaide

Speech pathology refers to the health profession that involves assessing and treating children who could benefit from services designed to improve communication or feeding and swallowing activities. At Family Time Australia, our services in speech …read more .

Could Your Child Benefit from Speech Therapy? Find Help in Adelaide for Children, Kids, Toddlers

Young children, particularly toddlers and preschoolers, often pronounce words and put sentences together in a different way than older kids, and adults do. It’s completely normal, for example, for a preschooler to say “baf” instead of “bath” or “wion” …read more .

Looking for a Therapist for Children in Adelaide? Trust the Therapists at Family Time Australia

Just like adults, children can often benefit from therapy. A therapist for children in Adelaide can help kids learn the value of seeking help when needed as well as teaching them valuable problem-solving skills. For example, therapists for …read more .

Innovative Therapy Programs Focused on kids in Adelaide

Transdisciplinary therapy models have proven to be the most successful when working with children. Therefore, our focus at Family Time Australia is always to bring together a team of therapists who will be able to help every child to achieve their …read more .