Hot Tip Episode #3: How does your child go following a routine?

Our hot tip today for parents is, how does your child go following a routine?

Sometimes kids get distracted, they throw tantrums, they’d much rather be watching the TV than cleaning their teeth. And sometimes every morning you’re probably feeling like you’re nagging, nagging, nagging.

“Come and do this, let’s do that. What’s next?”

A great way to teach your children independence and for them to feel in control and like they’re growing up is using a visual sequence. You can put pictures or cartoon photos that you can get off the internet and pop the name of the task that you’re doing. Pop the visuals in order and reward your child for when they go and do the next task.

They can even peel it off and pop it in the box and it’s so rewarding for them to feel like they’ve accomplished something independently and then eventually you don’t have to keep reminding them to check their visual board and they’ve got into a fantastic routine of getting ready for school or getting ready for bed and it really helps you at home without being a nag.

It gives great confidence to your children to be independent and what better way to teach skills in a fun way than having a bit of a nag and a whinge?

Great for everyone, visual sequences work a treat.