Hot Tip Episode #2: How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Through Naturally With Deep Pressure.

 Feel good, be happy and get your kids to sleep through naturally releasing serotonin and melatonin with deep pressure.

I am sitting here with one of our weighted blankets and have lots of woven blankets and products. We know that deep pressure works really well with lot of children. It is really good safe to go to. If you have got a child that is bouncing around like a Tigger or lying on the floor like an Eeyore, deep pressure works great in the fact that it helps to release serotonin in our brain. 20 minutes of deep pressure release enough serotonin in our brain to last approximately 2 hours. Serotonin is we know is our ‘happy drug’. It makes us feel good, it helps us to be alert, makes us feel comfortable and confident.

When we have serotonin that also gets changed into Melatonin and we need that for our sleep. So if you child is really struggling with getting to sleep, dancing around like Tigger or lying on the floor like an Eeyore, deep pressure easing away product where you feel really helpful to balance your child out, releasing serotonin and hope that will turn out into Melatonin to help him sleep.

So if you have any questions about deep pressure weighted products, make sure you check with your therapists you have got the right one for your child because it is really important to get the weight ratio correct. It is great for producing Serotonin and Melatonin which helps them to keep happy and sleep well.