Gaming together, growing stronger!

Game Time

Game Time is a therapy-based program which provides the opportunity for your child to develop self-confidence, social skills and healthy screen time habits.

These group sessions will develop social skills, negotiation, taking turns, helping others and emotional regulation through the creative world of Minecraft.

During the 8-week program we will have a high focus on healthy screen time behaviours for transitioning off technology effectively, online safety, and the risks of Video Game Addictions.

Your child will have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs, as a team and with their parents/guardians.

Our classes are conducted by qualified therapists and by an experienced gamer for children aged 9+ years. Game Time is an opportunity for your child to gain appropriate online skills and abilities and to have a great creative time with other children in a supported environment.

We look forward to you joining in the fun.

Let’s Play!