Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy involves balancing the nutritional necessities of our body. Because we are all unique, we each requiring our own individual needs.

If our cells are not healthy, then we are not healthy. Unhealthy cells are often the cause of the symptoms we see within our children such as areas of delay or even behaviour.

Various methods are used to balance our nutritional requirements to ensure a healthy cell, but the most ideal way to get our essential nutrients is from our diet.

When our diet is lacking, we may need to supplement key vitamins or minerals. Where supplements are required, they can come in various forms of tablet, powder, liquid or even added to bath water or applied to the skin in the form of a cream.

Reasons for your child not getting their complete nutrition required can be for various reasons such as:


Some children have a reduced ability to absorb nutrients from certain foods.


An inability to convert nutrients into a usable form to allow cells to benefit.


A reduced ability to remove waste from the body due to lymphatic congestion/dysfunctional organs.


A lack of enzymes required to transport minerals into the cells.


When allergies are present the body can be put into a constant state of dysregulation. Food sensitivity can cause issues with behaviour, sleep moods, bowels and skin. Removal of specific foods can help to improve these symptoms.