Psychosocial Services

Psychosocial services are those services which aim to address the ongoing psychological and social needs of individuals.

Family Time Psychosocial Services offer support and information to families from a holistic approach along with mentoring, counselling, education and advocating on behalf of your child and family.

Families experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress, dealing with challenging behaviours, struggles with daily routines and the ‘busyness’ of life are best supported through creating space to discuss and develop strategies to ensure the development of a positive calm and joyful family life.

Psychosocial services provided or recommended at Family Time Australia include:

  • Psychosocial Therapists
  • Art Therapy
  • Psychology
  • Calm Kids Central
  • Online Parenting Courses
  • External Referrals

These services can include:

-Individual or group-based education and counselling relating to psychological needs including behaviour regulation and strategies

-Individual or group-based education and/or therapy relating to social skills and needs

-Mentoring and assisting with the development of independence within the community

-Individual, group or family-based counselling

-Individual peer support or involvement in support groups

-Assistance with discovering community supports for the individual and/or the family as required.

New programs and services coming soon!

Empowering Parents Program

We’ve been working on a new Behaviour and Family Support Service for our Family Time Australia community! We have seen some areas that we believe we can support our families in a more wholistic way.

Our first addition to our Behaviour and Family Support Service is an online program is from Clive Murphy, The Empowerment Centre and it’s all about empowering parents. Watch Alissa give you some more details on what the program is about!

Learn more about the Great Empowering Parents Program:


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