Psychosocial Therapy

Pyschosocial Therapy … provides support and information to parents who may be experiencing an overwhelming amount of stress or mental health illness by creating a space to discuss and debrief around issues that may be occurring at home or at school.

This form of therapy is designed to work with your family, getting to know who you are and together achieve the goals you want for your child and your family.

Our psychosocial therapists provide education on wellbeing from a holistic perspective along with assistance to assess and organise a plan of action or the next appropriate step.

This can be achieved by therapy sessions here at Family Time or guidance and referring into further services within the community if required.

This form of therapy can also be accessed for providing advocacy on behalf of your child and family with schools or other services you may be working with regarding progress/strategies and support being implemented.

Individual counselling for children with our psychosocial therapists is a valuable resource to assist your child with anxiety, frustration management, challenging behaviour and social behaviours.

Mentoring for young people is also a role of our psychosocial therapists, to improve a young person’s independent living skills, emotional wellbeing, social skills and self-esteem.

Mentoring can take place within the home environment or in the community.