Ready for
school with a
class act!

School Time

School Time is a group session replicating a classroom structure and environment to enable children to become familiar with entry level expectations. The classes are designed to teach and practice skills that are required in the school environment.

Our classes are conducted by qualified therapists for 2-hour sessions, focusing on developing social skills, following instructions, coping with transitioning and separation from parents, managing own food packaging, removing jumpers/shoes, lining up, packing up, self-confidence, greeting and introducing self to others, attention to tasks and much more.

Your child is required to bring a school bag, a water bottle and a healthy packed lunch to each session. If they have their school uniform, they are encouraged to wear it to each session.

While the children are in their learning environment, an accompanying parent session is held for 1-hour by an additional therapist (within the time frame of these sessions in a separate room), to equip families with strategies to support their child’s transition into school.