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Social Time

Social Time is a therapy-based program that provides the opportunity for your child to develop friendships.

Our classes are conducted by qualified therapists for eight, 1-hour sessions, using online media platforms.

These group sessions will focus on the development of self-confidence, social skills, following instructions, turn taking, negotiating and creating a community for them to belong in comfortably with peers of similar age.

Your child is required to have access to a device with a camera and microphone functionality to participate in the group each session. While the children are participating in their Social Time group, an accompanying parent needs to be close by with the child.

An extension to this therapy group, is the opportunity for the parents/guardians to be involved in their own community with other adults on a similar journey through our Community Time platform.

Our Group Programs run during school terms and during school holidays. Each program runs at different times so check the timetable below to see what works best for you.
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