Turning fussy into fun!

Tasty Time

Tasty Time is a group session designed for children who may have challenges with eating, trying new foods, food aversions or other issues with feeding. There will be focus on establishing good eating habits, learning about nutrition and health as well as appropriate mealtime social skills.

The goal of Tasty Time is to gently assist children to expand their variety of food in a fun and relaxed environment. Teaching children to have a healthy relationship with food, high self-esteem and confidence are great fundamentals to a healthy life.

Tasty Time is not only for our children, but for our parents as well! Parents will learn from our qualified Nutritional Therapist who specialises in children and fussy eaters. Parents will learn about nutrition, absorption and why our children are often avoidant of foods.

Tools, handouts and resources will be provided to ensure that your child’s eating habits at home are easy and joyous. Facilitated by a qualified Therapist with a strong background in feeding and behavioural based therapy, Tasty Time is an 8-week program developed by Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Nutritional Therapists and Psychologists.

Tasty Time will not only address challenges with eating, but will also assist with your child’s expressive, receptive language skills, social skills, sensory processing, behaviour and self-confidence.