Therapy Thursday 04/08/16, Family Centred Practice.

Family Centred Practice


Therapy Thursday!
Session Planning for Therapists, Part 2: Family Centred Practice

Its ‘Therapy Thursday’, it comes around really quick.

We are doing little miniseries on session planning.

So something that I am very passionate about is family centred practice and are we as therapists actually looking at what our goals are in relation to our families or are we so busy working with our therapy mentalities, what targets are we meeting, how they are development, are they holding pencil right, are they completing our targets and our goals. But are we actually thinking about every session,

  • Is this going to help the child and their family with what they need to function in the society?
  • Is this going to help them in social skills?’ ‘Is this helping them with their family time around the dinner table?

So make sure the session plan that you constantly have a little check as a therapist,

  • Is this family centred?
  • Is this what the family needs this week?

Also when we are doing family centred practice with session planning, sometimes when you start your session it is really good to double check

  • how has the week been?
  • What’s been happening?

and we might actually have to throw out our whole session plan and totally recreate a new session on the spot that is family centred to help them with what they need in the community.

So as therapists, ‘yes’, we are fantastic, we are knowledgeable, we are great on working on our treatment goals but let’s not forget to be family centred.

Entirely important for success around children and it also takes the pressure of us as a therapists to be adaptable, be flexible, go with the moment, and really make sure we are being family centered.