Therapy Thursday 30/07/16, Session Planning Part 1

Engaging Children


Therapy Thursday! Session Planning for Therapists, Part 1: Engaging Children.

Therapy Thursday is a hints and tips resource for paediatric therapists.

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Welcome to ‘Therapy Thursday’.

On Thursdays we are going to be discussion a lot about therapeutic issues, new research, strategies that we can be using as therapists. So I hope that lots of therapists from family time and all around are going to log in to our ‘Therapy Thursday’.

One of the first things we want to talk about is session planning. We so know that it takes up so much of our time. So we are going to do little bit of miniseries on session planning. Our first one today is a quick little look at really looking at how children can be engaged in our sessions. We sometimes as therapists we can get really quite up in our goals, in our therapeutic mode, outcomes and just try to match our activities to meet those goals and targets. But what we really need to do is make sure really looking at our client and just twisting them slightly, just adding in some Pokémon or adding in some superheroes, something that is going to be specifically capture the interest of your client.

Research shows that when a child is engaged they are learning so much more. We know that it helps with our brain, we know it helps with learning. So from a therapist’s point of view let’s try and capture that, let’s get as much brain function as we can, let the children enjoy our therapy sessions and just tailor our session plan just a little bit more.