Transdisciplinary Therapy


What is Transdisciplinary Therapy?

Transdisciplinary Team Model is now widely recognised as best practice for early childhood services as it recognises the family as an integral part of the team.

Transdisciplinary teamwork involves a team of professionals who work collaboratively, and share the responsibilities of evaluating, planning and implementing services to children and their families. Families are valued members of the team, and are involved in all aspects of intervention. Families will come to an Initial Interview where they will express their concerns and challenges in life and work together with an expert therapist to determine how we are going to assist with these concerns. You as the family will play an integral part of the team, directing the needs of your child and family.

One professional is chosen as the primary service provider for the family, and acts as the conduit for the expertise of the team. The full team remains involved, and the primary provider reports back to the team constantly.

A particular feature of this model is what is known as role transfer or role release: the primary provider uses some direct intervention strategies from outside their discipline with supervision and support from relevant team members. This sharing of roles across disciplinary boundaries is the most challenging aspect of transdisciplinary practice and the most controversial among practitioners who have been trained in traditional forms of service delivery.

All team members make a commitment to teach, learn and work together to implement this treatment plan. The TDM model is highly beneficial to your family as it provides a holistic approach, which allows for one plan where all therapists work toward the same goals. Therapists will collaborate, work together and establish therapy sessions that will best fit your child and your goals. If two or more therapists are required they will complete the therapy session together as a team.

This allows you to come to one centre, for one therapy session with multiple therapists, providing the highest quality care plan possible.

Therapeutic techniques are chosen based on clinical judgement, professional expertise and current research evidence.