a calm state
of mind.

Yoga Time

Yoga Time is a therapy-based Yoga session program where children can develop motor skills, social skills, self-awareness and co-ordination whilst teaching self-regulation technique through becoming aware of their body.

Yoga Time is a therapy-based program run by a qualified yoga instructor who is experienced in working with children with learning and developmental needs as well as being a primary school educator. This program will enable your child to develop their motor skills, posture and self-awareness through self-calming techniques, coordination skills and breath control work. Yoga Time also includes opportunities for your child to share, reflect and reframe thoughts in a positive way to encourage social skill development and confidence. Yoga Time has many physical and emotional health benefits, which will assist in creating positive feelings of total wellbeing.

Our Group Programs run during school terms and during school holidays. Each program runs at different times so check the timetable below to see what works best for you.
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